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Blockchain: The Future of Intellectual Property Protection

For centuries, inventors and entrepreneurs have often been hesitant to share new ideas for fear of these ideas getting stolen. There is substantial value in sharing developing ideas to get feedback, and proof of concept, however, there’s also a risk in doing so. The traditional ways of protecting intellectual property—copyrights, trademarks, and patents— are slow, expensive, and cumbersome.

This talk proposes another way of protecting intellectual property that’s faster, easier, and cheaper all made possible through blockchain technology. Through the creation of tamper-proof, time-stamped, digital smart contracts, creators can now protect intellectual property with greater ease, flexibility, and speed. Blockchains enable a public ledger that’s decentralized, distributed, and global to prove ownership. The result is a new world of innovation and abundance.

The system proposed in this talk not only allows those who have used traditional protection mechanisms like copyright to have a faster way to protect their property, it provides a much more accessible option for those who could not afford traditional methods of intellectual property.

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Founder’s Back Story

In this interview, we dive into the visionary world of entrepreneur Kary Oberbrunner and his groundbreaking company, Easy IP. As we transition into a digital era, protecting your intellectual property becomes critical. Kary explains how his company, Easy IP, leverages blockchain technology to offer an innovative solution for IP protection. He shares the integration process, the benefits of using blockchain, and the leadership challenges and triumphs he has faced while navigating growing his business. Join us to explore how Easy IP is shaping the future of digital rights management and why this is crucial for entrepreneurs, leaders, and anyone in the digital realm.

Easy IP® Endorsement by Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach® and Keegan Caldwell of Caldwell IP

In this episode of The Intellectual Capitalist® Show, Tony D’Angelo interviews Kary Oberbrunner who is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of 11 books in multiple genres ranging from business to fiction to technology. He’s the founder and CEO of Igniting Souls and Blockchain Life. 

In this episode, Tony breaks down Kary’s proven process to help authors, entrepreneurs, and influencers publish and protect their Intellectual Property and turn it into 18 streams of Income.

In the Spotlight: Easy IP and Kary Oberbrunner
by BSV Blockchain

As technologies such as Artificial Intelligence gain momentum, it has become increasingly important to protect your ideas from wayward actors. Enter EasyIP and its blockchain solution.

IP in Web3: Kary Oberbrunner talks intellectual property protection

by COINGEEK (London)

Intellectual property (IP) is a thorny business. Most would recognize it as an entirely necessary institution within a capitalist society and the key to ensuring that innovation is sufficiently rewarded to encourage more of it. However, while IP promotes and protects innovation, it necessarily fetters and restricts it on the other hand. IP belonging to one inventor will inevitably narrow the field, even if only slightly, for future innovators.

Decades of legal dicta and academia have covered this tension well. However, as more aspects of the physical world become digitized and the volumes of data being produced and exploited grow exponentially over the years, new means of protecting IP will arise. As such, the topic demands renewed attention.

Enter Kary Oberbrunner, CEO of Easy IP. Oberbrunner is a bestselling author and IP stalwart within the Web3 space, helping authors and entrepreneurs protect the intellectual fruits of their labor…

Blockchain Life: Making Sense of the Metaverse, NFTs, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Web3

by Kary Oberbrunner

The biggest revolution in history is unfolding right before our eyes. The new internet is upon us, blending two worlds-digital and physical. Today’s dreams are tomorrow’s reality. Science fiction is now science fact-made possible through blockchain technology.

Welcome to Web3, where everything changes. Global changes like economies, currencies, governments, and education. And personal changes like identity, sex, communication, and health. This book is a simple map to help you navigate the noise and discern between hype and hope. With unbiased expertise, the authors unpack the pros and cons of the metaverse, NFTs, virtual reality, augmented reality, cryptocurrencies, and much more.

Discover how to:

  • Save time by identifying practical use cases for cutting-edge technology.
  • Create unending wealth by turning your ideas into protected digital assets.
  • Stay relevant by developing a customized metaverse strategy.
  • Decide what technology to accept or reject by integrating your values.

Learn the facts. Leverage the knowledge. Create your bigger and better future, starting today.

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