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Patent-Pending Proprietary Technology

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We offer two levels based upon your unique needs:

1. Owner Level

Recommended for Collectors, Creators, and Authors. Economical choice and ideal for clients who have a smaller amount of Intellectual Property (Less than 5). Learn more and purchase here.

2. Enterprise Level 

Recommended for businesses, brands, influencers, entrepreneurs, and organizations. Intelligent choice and ideal for clients who have a larger amount of Intellectual Property (More than 5). Learn more and purchase below.

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Examples of Enterprise Level

"I believe in EASY IP™ so much, I use it to protect my Intellectual Property."

—Kary Oberbrunner, CEO of Blockchain Life and Founder of Easy IP™

Creating your Smart Contracts

We are your WHO that saves you time and money. Remember, the average patent costs $20,000 and takes 3 years. Easy IP™ is $100 or much less if you buy bulk. Our proprietary process takes about 24 hours. Click on the package of your choice below to purchase Easy IP™ credits. One credit is used for every smart contract we create. Our team will protect your IP the right way.

Easy IP™ Credits

If you purchase 50 or more Easy IP™ Credits, we'll waive the $1500 Easy IP™ Enterprise fee required to set up your customized Easy IP™ Portal and Token.

(Note: This loyalty offer is only available for new Easy IP™ Enterprise Clients. Email and request loyalty offer.)

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Patent-Pending Proprietary Technology

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